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Web Design is what defines you online and a great Small Business Web Design creates an impression. It inspires and attracts your potential customers and visitors. As creating an impressive online presence is a must if you are looking to get your small business online.

Our web design and development process starts with a thorough research of your market type and customer behavior. It helps us to make attractive, curated, and optimized web designs for your clients.

Whether you need a personal website, e-commerce, or a corporate website with multiple pages. In the first place, our small business website designs are intuitive and responsive small business web designs are fully customized to fit all your requirements.

Important features like enhanced security, cms integration, speed boosting, analytic tools and also affordable maintenance. In a word, it comes along with our small business web designs allow you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Process of Building a Website

Market Analysis for Small Business Web Design

Understanding the customer behavior and the market trends is important because not all businesses have same requirements. Also, not all markets are same. Creating a brand within a niche requires a thorough analysis of the market.

With superior analytic tools and experience, we analyze the market your business caters to. Our webuptown experts articulate the factors that influence the growth and performance of your Small Business Web Design to capitalize and identify opportunities. It helps you maximize returns on your investments.

Small Business Web Design

Small Business Websites Design Strategy

While the competition makes it difficult for you to create a brand of your own we help you formulate a well researched and proven strategy for your Business.

A strong strategy is key to business development and especially when you are starting with your business online a professional strategy building saves you your valuable time and money.

All our Small Business Web Design and features follow a customized Business strategy which gives them an edge over their competitors.

Business strategy

Website Design

After analyzing the market conditions and formulating a business strategy we start with giving shape to your website accordingly. Our experienced and talented web designers ensure that the ideas and strategies are properly implemented. Our designers are considering every tiny detail.

A great Small Business Web Design is not only about looks but also other factors like optimization, ease of navigation and a responsive user-interface and that’s where we make sure that you aren’t left out of anything. At webuptown we guarantee that no matter what your idea is, our web designs will represent them the best

web design paint

Website Development

Once the Small Business Web Design is ready we move on to the development stage of the website. This includes programming and coding to make sure that the website comes out exactly as designed and planned.

Also, the strength of the website as in security, functionality, and ease of navigation etc. largely depend on how the website is developed. Our best Chicago web developers are proficient in a range of programming languages allowing us to deliver a technologically flexible and secure website.

web design

Content for Small Business Website

The content on your website is a medium through which you indirectly communicate with your visitors and potential customers. A professional content helps build a rapport with the readers and inspires them to contact you further.

WebUpton content creators provide a curated, coherent, comprehensive, optimized and engaging content for your small business web design which helps you get more interaction with your clients generating better leads for your business.


Search Engine Optimization of Website

The optimization of content and the website is equally important to make it rank higher in results when people search for similar businesses on Google and other Search engines. Providing onsite and offsite optimization we make sure you are visible on all popular platforms and searches.

Moreover, we help your small business website with some advanced SEO tools to find the best keywords targeting which you could benefit the most.


Integration of Features in your Website

We offer a range of features along with our web design and development services. A generic website without superior enhanced features is likely to underperform when it comes to specific business tasks.

Our features not only make your small business website design more user friendly but also ensures that you aren’t missing on any of your customers or opportunities that may arise. After all, the requested and relevant features are integrated successfully your website becomes ready for testing.

Chicago Small Business Web Design

Website Testing

The final stage of launching a website before making it available for public viewing is testing. Every detail is analyzed and made sure that it is in place. The ease of navigation and user interface is tested. The functioning of all the integrated features and coherency of the web pages is checked.

Only after WebUptown experts and our clients are fully satisfied with the working of the website then it is launched for public viewing.

Small Business Web Design

Website Development Features


Our enhanced secured features help you keep all your information and data safe and secure. While there are growing threats of hacking and data stealing our security features cater to all aspects of cyber security that makes our websites fully hack proof.

Speed Boosting

Loading speed of your web pages allow you to gain better convertibility and more leads. We boost the speed of your website so that navigation is seamless and your web pages load within a fraction of a second. Also, websites with lesser load time are likely to rank higher in popular searches on Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Analytic Tools

With a range of analytic tools that we offer you get to know the accurate and true position of your website. Our analytic tools help you with data and other important information like traffic, ranking, response rate and time people spend on each section of the website which allows you achieve your targets and acquire more customers with minimum investments.


Keeping track of all aspects of day to day working on your website could be time-consuming. Moreover, breakage or any malfunctioning of your website could have drastic effects on your brand and marketing campaigns. Our effective and reliable maintenance feature allows you to focus more on your business activities while we take care of your website ensuring that it is updated and working without any stoppage or errors.

CMS Integration

Getting a customized CMS ensures the ease of business and better customer management. While you are looking to grow and expand a dedicated CMS considerably increases your efficiency. Our Customer Management System integration feature for your website allows you to manage, track and control all customer interactions and related business activities with greater flexibility making it a hassle-free affair.

E-commerce Features

Apart from customized designs and layout, we offer a range of E-commerce features which includes tracking transactions, maintain billing, e-mails and much more. Also, for your e-commerce website, we offer enhanced security and advanced and responsive user interface for greater convertibility and sales.

Special tools

Our experts at WebUptown helps you with some special on-demand-features for specific needs. With our grip on latest technologies and experience, you could rest assured that no matter which advanced features you want on your website we’ll provide you the best and also keeping it within your budget.

Website Design Services

One Page Website

Single Page Website Designs for small business. Affordable website design solution for startups and one product companies

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Corporate Website

A corporate website is the best website type for growing businesses. Competently build website give your brand many advantages

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Ecommerce Website

Creating an online store website with WebUptown is high quality and affordable. Add your products and promote it with WebUptown

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Small Business Web Design Services Includes

Responsive Website Design

Usability and Competition Analysis

Information Architecture Design

User Experience Design

Website Content Strategy

Installation & Setup

CMS and e-Commerce Integration

Cross Browser and Platform Testing



Your involvement will be in the planning and strategy making a stage where our experts will frequently interact with you and seek your suggestions and ideas as for how you would like the website to be. Also, we will keep you updated on any progress made and will incorporate your valuable suggestions.

Yes, you don’t need any technical knowledge to do that. You’ll be able to update your website on your own after it launches. We educate and inform you about all the technical and functional aspects of the website. However, if you are busy and want a professional update we also have flexible and budget-friendly maintenance plans where we take care of all your site updates for you.

Each website is different and depending on the features and design and the number of pages a website could take anything in between a week to a month. We let our clients know about the time in our proposal and on request and depending on availability we also help our clients on a priority basis making it quicker for them.

We have a wide and diverse range of experience working with clients in several sectors starting from information-technology, e-commerce, professional services, infrastructure building and real estate, small businesses like restaurants or takeaways, travel and tourism, news and blogs and much more.


We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality

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