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People these days look for convenience and opt for things that are easy to use and result oriented. The process of One Page Website is one such convenient option that has become quite popular these days. For small business and professional services. Using One Page Website is a better option as it has better convertible rates than websites that have more than one page.

People tend to take more interests on websites that don’t link too many pages internally. One Page Website is nothing but a simple way to put each and every information about your business. On one website page, instead of linking a few numbers of pages with the website.

When does landing page work for your business?

If you are self employer

If you offer a professional service, you’re a takeaway, an artist, a photographer, a therapist or a consultant - the simplest way to get an impressive online presence. Reach out to your potential clients or customers is by getting a One Page Website.

If you want to make email list of your potential clients

Do you know the 3rd Party? There are many leads companies that can give you a list of potential clients. However, you have never know what list you buy. One Page Website can help you build your own list.

If you sell one product or service

You are a small business and have one or just few but similar products to sell . A single page responsive website helps you to connect seamlessly with your buyers. Also, it gets you a better convertibility and is a strong tool for lead generation that you can capitalize on.

If you want to organize some event

You have an important event coming up for which you want to reach out to people. You have organised a gathering or concert or an exhibition and are looking for people to join you. Our versatile one page website is the best and budget friendly option.

Cons and Pros of one page website

Everything in this world has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the “One page Website” isn’t an exception to the same. There are plenty of advantages of using One Page Website that can help you make your website more popular among the people. However, there are a few minor disadvantages of using the “One Page Website” procedure. Here are a few pros and cons of using a One Page Website for your business.

Fast Downloading

One Page Website

One of the best thing about using the One Page Website is that it is pretty user-friendly and it provides you fast downloading options. With other websites that link plenty of pages into one, don’t really offer you such fast downloading services.

As people these days don’t really like to wait for anything, slow downloading irks everyone and therefore people look for a better option that provides faster downloading. One Page Website offers such faster downloading option to the subscribers which makes them pretty satisfied with the service.

If you are a small scale business or a professional service.  Using the fast download option will help you gather more and more subscribers and you can benefit from the same. All you need to do is talk to your website developer and understand the entire process and put up the same for evaluation. You are more likely to get some amazing results out of the same.

Simple Navigation

One Page Website

Another amazing thing about owning a One Page Website is that it offers you simple navigation. As a subscriber, no one has to keep looking for options to move from one page to another. One can find each and every information that they are looking for. When your website has the option of simple navigation, the bounce rate of our website reduces. People will only be interested in your website if they find what they are looking for in an efficient manner. Otherwise, they are more likely to leave your website fast and jump onto another one.

Simple navigation in One Page Website also saves a lot of time for your subscribers and makes your website design look efficient. In other words, One Page Website makes it easier for the subscribers to find the relevant information at one go, keeping the visitors glued to a website for a longer period of time. This eventually turns out to be your gaining point.

Limited Content

One Page Website

Content is one of the most important factors in a website. Your website must acquire relevant contents and information based on your products and services so that people find it interesting and informative to read. However, One Page Website cannot really offer you the benefit of proper contents.

One Page Websites can only offer you limited content and this is one of the biggest drawbacks of such websites. You need to be very careful about choosing your own set of contents and that has to be informative for your readers. It isn’t always easy to cover every information in just one or two contents and therefore it becomes really hard for you to make your readers understand about your products and services through One Page Website.

Such limited contents in One Page Website can push your readers away and your bounce rate may increase depending on the kind of contents you have put on the website. Make sure you use contents that are informative for your readers.

Limited SEO

SEO Factors

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Backlinks
  • Domain Authority
  • Traffic
  • Social Media
  • Other Factors

Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO is a marketing method or a tool that is used to optimize your website in order to rank well in the search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. SEO plays a huge role in making your website popular among the masses that brings – huge traffic to your website, provides a good return on investment, increases your site usability, improves your brand awareness and makes your site popular. However, on the other hand, One Page Website cannot really offer you such benefits as it can only provide you Limited SEO benefits.

As there is just one page in One Page SEO, there are limited numbers of keywords that are used on the website and you cannot target all of them. A website that has more than two to three pages can easily target many keywords and that is great for SEO purposes – unlike a single page website.

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