How to Get your Business Online

4 Simple Steps to Get your Business Online

If you don’t have your business or business idea online yet, aren’t you losing your potential customers every day? As you’re looking to grow and expand you would probably agree that it’s nearly impossible without an attractive, engaging and a decently popular website. Though it sounds more complex and intimidating than it is, it’s definitely achievable with some expert guidance. Let’s see how this process of getting your business online works:


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For a business, blog or any professional service, getting a great website starts with choosing an attractive domain name. A great domain name will attract more such visitors who are likely to be interested in your website or business.

While most of the attractive domain names are already bought or in use, getting a good one for your business could be really tricky.  An expert’s advice is always recommended while choosing a domain name.

As your website will be your identity online and you’ll be building your brand around this identity it is good to consider these factors while choosing a domain name:

  • Unique and easy to remember
  • Specific, Short and simple
  • Easy to spell
  • Avoid hyphens
  • No trademarked names
  • Include relevant keywords

A domain name is from where it all starts and following these will definitely get you better results for your website. Though narrowing your search and choosing one out many options could be overwhelming, an expert support can save a lot of your time.


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Determining Your Needs

Before you chose a host it is important to articulate your website’s current and potential traffic, the volume and size of the website, and your future plans. A focused planning, taking into account your target customers and the services that your website will offer is the key. Also, having defined expansion goals and growth strategy will help you choose the right host.

Choose hosting Type

Once you have determined your needs you could choose from three most common server types : shared, virtual and dedicated. Small businesses generally go for a shared hosting whereas depending on the traffic volume you may choose a dedicated server for your website.

Comparing Features

With a lot of hosting options available you should be careful to fully understand and compare the features and services on offer. Storage, Bandwidth, Acceptable Security tools and Server operating system are some of the important features you should be looking at.

Order web Hosting

Now that you know your requirements, hosting type and features to go for, all you need to do is select the right hosting plan. Within a few minutes of ordering a Web-hosting plan you receive an email that has all the details. Verify and confirm the details and you are all set to get your website hosted.


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A successful design comes from a detailed planning. While planning, a complete mapping of a prototype is done. Planning in fact, is the foundation of a website design.


The ideas finalized while planning get a visual representation and that’s how your website takes a shape. Designing includes defining the features, analyzing the flow and crafting an engaging interface for the users.


You had an idea, you have a shape and now it needs to be developed using a programming language. It involves writing complex computer codes, loading content and ensuring an unbreakable security for your website.


It’s the final stage before the website goes live for public viewing. Every detail is minutely studied and a special attention is given to make the user interface as engaging and fluid as it could be.


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Keyword Analysis

It involves a thorough research of keywords using which the people in your area are searching for businesses like yours. Targeting the right keywords increases the traffic to your website.

On-Page SEO

Getting an optimized content means using relevant keywords with adequate density within the content. It has to be organically and categorically inserted while also maintaining a fair readability score.

Link Building

Links act as references online and the more links you have pointing to your website, the better is your website’s reputation online. It helps you to rank higher on popular search engines.

Local SEO services

Becoming a hot favorite within your local market calls for a locally customized optimization. It is content optimization targeting your local market which often draws a fair chunk of customers to your business online.