Email Marketing 

Email marketing

You can simply call email marketing as a promotion of your brand/product/services via email, the proper definition of email marketing can be regarded as a way to develop a relationship between your existing and potential clients and/or customers. Although email marketing is getting popular day by day, it is basically one segment of the internet marketing that is indispensable.

With more and more businesses coming online, marketing strategies have to be changed. To stay in the race one of the most effective marketing strategies that people tend to use is email marketing and it has been helping the business to generate quality leads and reach out to their potential customers.

As the process of engaging, acquiring and retaining customers via email is one of the most powerful tools for marketing, our expert email marketing services for your brand helps you in customer retention, brand loyalty, sales maximization and optimum growth.

What we do

Automated Email Marketing

Our automated email services offer you ways through which you can increase your sales, converting leads without taking much responsibilities on your own.

Campaign Products & Development

Maximize your work performance by using our Campaign Products and Development services. We provide services that are targeted, result oriented and beneficial.

Managed Email Marketing

Our team of experts provide you fully managed email marketing that offers a minimum of three email creations per month designed by experienced professionals.

Email List Cleaning

With us you also get an email cleaning service where we wipe-out all the unnecessary old emails and email addresses. It helps in keeping the junk out of the important mails.

How We Do

Create Newsletter

Our highly experienced designers and content experts create an attractive and informative Newsletters for your business.

Deliverability Tests

With just a simple click you will get a deliverability test with a few major email marketing services.

A/B Split Test

Our team of experts offers you the benefit of a split test, where you can send several emails to see which one works better and choose the right one.

Send Your Campaign

We offer you two choices – either you send your email right away or schedule it at the right time.

Track Campaigns

We make sure you get to track everything – starting from reports, opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and spam reports, link activity and all other activities.

Our Email Marketing features

Create an Email Newsletter

We design email newsletters for you that are engaging, interesting and intriguing. The email newsletter is a good way to gather the attention of the customers and it is very popular these days. Using email newsletters will help your subscribers get timely, helpful and expected updates about your various services and offers. You can include plenty of services from how-to-s, insider-peeks, various offers, and services of your brand, or any other engaging contents. This will help you

  • Improve your relationship with your subscriber
  • Improve your subscriber’s engagement with your brand
  • Improve your subscriber’s loyalty with you and the likelihood of your subscribers recommending you will increase.

Send Your Campaign

The team of “Web-Up-Town” cares about your needs and so we offer you email campaigns at your convenience. We save it on our cloud and therefore you can use it anytime you want; from anywhere you want – be it your laptop, phone or tablet – we got it all covered for you. You can schedule your campaign or you can send it all right away. The delivery of the emails can be checked on our reports and stats category anytime you want.

A/B Split Test

This Test is all about helping you understand your subscriber preferences, and gain insight into your own campaign’s success. Our A/B Split Test also help you track your own campaigns, track unique subscribers or audiences.

Track Campaigns

If you are worried about how to track your marketing email, then “Web-Up-Town” has it all covered for you. You get to know a number of subscribers have opened your email, how many emails bounced, number of people have unsubscribed, or what is your unsubscribe rate, and what are your click-through rates. We offer you varieties of ways through which you can analyze your campaign performance.